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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Enjoying NoVA

Wow, so much has happened. I got a new job back in May, started in June and love it. I work for  a great organization with great people and I could not be happier. I'm not wild about my apartment situation as my apartment is a bit far out, not within walking distance to the Metro, like I had thought, plus my upstairs neighbors are elephants. Luckily I don't have too much more time left on my lease so I need to give notice and find a new place. I'm looking at buying a condo. Yes, putting my toe into the water again. I saw a really nice townhouse in a great area that my realtor was supposed to get back to me on the comps. It isn't huge but it has a good size living room and master bedroom plus it has a small walk-in closet which is unheard of for condos of this size. I will need to get rid of more furniture but that is okay.

I have been trying on-line dating. HATE IT. Most of the men that express an interest in me, I have no interest in as they either have no education, wrong religion or something else and most of the men I have expressed an interest in have no reciprocal interest. I have also run into the scammers, which is a whole other world. So far, four of them that I know of have targeted me. I had one coffee date that went well but I don't know if I have any real interest in the gentleman although he would like to see me again and I got stood up for another meeting. Two other guys have expressed some interest but I don't see those going anywhere. So I'm giving up on it. I think I may try matchmaking.

As for quilting or stitching, it hasn't been happening. Although the lightening situation is better here than when I was in Paducah, between my noisy upstairs neighbors and the extra boxes I never unpacked due to no place to put the stuff (mostly my art), it isn't a comfortable place or conducive to creativity. I have been trying my hand at needlepoint but again, my living situation sucks for creativity so I mostly read or watch TV.

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