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Friday, February 11, 2011

Should be stitching....

Yes, I should be stitching but I decided to update the list of companies I had applied to which turned out to be...impressive. So I applied to more just for fun. One was Greenpeace, yes, I want to become an environmental activist when I grow up.

Mom and I are going shopping this afternoon. Why I'm going, I don't know since I don't have any money to spend but oh well, I really should be stitching as it would be more productive all around.

Soon I'll post photos of what I should be working on.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Getting Back to Blogging

Wow, it has been quite a while. And so much has happened.

I have a dog, Taffy and ...I don't (well, I do but she lives with my brother for the moment).

I resigned from my job and sold two houses in a month (one in a day!) , moved to Atlanta, briefly and now live in AZ with my parents while I look for a more satisfying job in the environmental field. I still have my fat little buggin, Ray who is currently sleeping at my feet having given up on my Dad playing with him. MY dad is Ray's play toy.

I haven't felt like working on my quilts, cross stitch or art a whole lot but that is starting to change. I don''t have all of my supplies with me here, obviously as most of it is in storage but I do have a sewing machine, a few quilt projects, a few cross stitch projects and a drawing pad. So I'm all set when and if the urge hits. I also have my camera and am serious thinking of going out and taking some photos. I have my computers so I could play with photography if that urge hits although I do spend most of my time in front of the computer job hunting. Ugh.

So that is my life right now. From a gainfully employed, workaholic attorney who didn't have time to work on her hobbies to an unemployed workaholic attorney (yep, workaholic doesn't change) who doesn't seem to have time to work on her hobbies. Nothing really changes.

Except, I have figured out that my laptop CAN be used for such things as blogging.