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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Stitch lots and lots

I've been stitching lots and lots, especially this past week, basically trying to keep my mind off next week. Will I get the interview or not? Sabrina is really coming along. I'm almost finished with the top 50% of her, absent beading and silk. Alphabets, not so much but now that I have the missing thread, I should be able to get going again.

And I started Quaker Virtues by ByGoneStitches. Its a big piece 400w x 320h but it only takes two colors. I'm doing it on hand-dyed 40ct Weeks Dyed Work in putty which is a really pretty light green and the main color thread is Belle Soie tortoise shell which is a verigated dark green. It will be very pretty when done.

Went to Sunday Samplers at The Attic. It was great to be around other stitchers. I miss that. I had gone to the Saturday potluck which is where I saw the Quaker Virtues and decided to indulge myself in something WAY TOO EXPENSIVE right now. But it is worth it for my piece of mind. I missed the Thursday stitch night since my mom wanted to go to Art Walk in Scottsdale that night, which was fun. We went to an AWESOME gallery so it was worth it but I don't have much time left here since even if I don't get a job, we are leaving for MI at the end of April and I will have to find another stitch group.

I've already looked and there do appear to be shops in the metro Detroit area. I also checked Houston, just in case but I don't know where in Houston to check. Fingers crossed.

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TeresaB said...

Of course we have our fingers crossed about jobs.

I'm so glad you enjoyed stitching at The Attic. It is tempting just walking in the door! You deserve a little something special and I can't wait to see your Quaker piece.