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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New beginning (again)

Okay, having just read two blogs, I realized that I need to keep up with my blog. Lots of changes since I last posted. Moved from AZ to MI, then got a new job and moved from MI to Paducah, KY. Now most people would barf at the thought of moving to Paducah, KY but if you are a quilter, you just fainted from excitement at the thought of being in Quilt City, USA.  Yes, Paducah, KY is the home of the National Quilt Museum and every April hosts one of the largest quilt festivals in the country: the American Quilter's Society's Quilt Show.  Yipeee.

I live in a duplex which is crammed full of my stuff as it is only a two bedroom and since moving from DC in 1988, I have lived in a three bedroom.  I spend most of my time in the "den/office/sewing room" as it has the cable TV.  The living room has the larger TV but due to circumstances beyond my control, the cable company couldn't hook up the cable. I can watch DVDs and download videos but I've gotten used to the den.

I have really been working on finishing my quilting UFOs.  I only have a couple of pieced UFO tops left to finish but have quite a few appliqué projects.  Once I finish the pieced UFOs, I hope to start designing my own quilts.  Yes, I still have the appliqué to work on but those take so long.  I also have a few tote bags to work on but those are fun and I don't count them as real quilts.

Now cross stitch is a different story.  I have never counted how many UFOs I have or even how many patterns although one time I did attempt to keep a spread sheet.  The lighting in the duplex is terrible so I don't tend to stitch (or appliqué for that matter or sew at night) so I haven't stitched much at all since I moved to KY. Until recently, I didn't even buy much as I am trying to watch my money.  But recently I decided I needed to start getting the supplies for some projects which lead to getting some new projects. Now I will have to decide what to work on and try to finish something this year.

I also decided to buy a new car.  My car had almost 100,000 miles so it was time.  I ended up with a BMW X3 which is a little smaller than my other car but much more pick up.  It is grey with a black interior.  Very nice.

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