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Thursday, June 9, 2011

No progress

Well, that isn't quite true.  I haven't worked much on my stitching as trying to find a job HAS occupied most of my time and it is getting me quite down in the dumps.  But I made quite a bit of progress on Quaker Virtues before giving up. 

I need to work on Alphabets, Sabrina, Pelican and all of the other UFOs I brought with me.

I did bring out my drawing pad as I need to get serious about designing my southwestern wallhanging. It kills me that I had it all designed out and everything even to the point of graphed but then lost the paper in the move.  Rats.  I can only remember certain elements of the design but not the entire design so I'm basically starting from the beginning.  Luckily I have the material to inspire me.  I'll figure something out as the materials are all hand-dyed and very pretty.

I went to a knitting and stitch group on Tuesday at the library.  Bloomfield Township has a wonderful library.  And this group was

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