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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Busy, busy, busy

Yes, that is my excuse.  Nothing yet in terms of a real job but still some glimmers of interest.  I've been hard at work with a career counselor who has me figuring out what industries I want to target (all? wrong answer) then once I have that narrowed down, figure out what areas of the country I want to target (much easier right? not really) then write cover letters specific to those industries to send to the hiring managers of companies in those areas.  After all this work AND moving from Arizona to Michigan, I finally began sending out letter this week.  It was not a smooth process.  First, I found a few problems in my resume after having 100 copies printed; then I found a problem with two of the cover letters after having 100 copies of those printed.  After correcting that, I got 35 letters done OR so I thought until I realized that I had forgotten to sign the cover letter.  So I had to carefully open the envelopes and sign the cover letters. The next batch went much better.  Plan is to work full time on this until mid June then find part-time work of some type.   

For fun I've been hard at work on my cross-stitch.  Still working on Quaker Virtues.  Have mostly completed the first page and have started on the next page.  Have the word "integrity" finished which is in the secondary color so it really stands out right now.  But I'm getting a bit burnt out on it so am considering switching to another project soon.  Don't know if I will work on Sabrina or Pelican.  I got the materials for Pelican here at a shop called the Rocking Horse in Farmington Hills.  Very nice.

Plan to take some photos of this area and flowers if we ever have some nice weather.

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