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Friday, May 23, 2014

New home

I bought a condo. It's a tiny townhouse in an extremely nice community in Arlington called Fairlington Villages. I love it so far. It is relatively quiet, meaning I do hear my neighbors a bit but I can drown them out. There is a real community feel to the area. I see people of all ages walking their children and dogs. My condo is near a pool so I can have outdoors in the summer.

I do have projects in the condo. Although it has wonderful hardwood floors, the walls are all beige. So I'm planning on painting. Picking paint colors is not fun. I wanted to get a couple of rooms done before the move but I couldn't decide on the colors so now I will have to paint around furniture. Ick. Also both the kitchen and the one bath need some up dating. The kitchen cabinets and countertops are old and need replacing but the appliances are new. And the bath was last renovated in the 70s or 80s. Everything works well though so there is no hurry on renovations.

Moving is not fun. I'm sick of being stiff and sore from lifting and moving boxes. And living among boxes. Admittedly if I really examine it, I have been living among boxes for almost four years now since I moved from my house in Knoxville. I have cleared space in all of the rooms now. I have also sorted most of the boxes into the correct rooms. I now have to move more boxes into my attic which unfortunately is not as functional as I would have liked it due to the heat pump blocking access to most of the attic. I also really need to get ruthless about purging some of my belongings. I have way too much stuff and more in the storage unit.