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Friday, March 4, 2011

Still here-rant

Yep, still here in beautiful AZ. Everyday pretty much the same: sunny or slightly cloudy (high clouds) high of 70. Hard to argue with when the rest of the country has nasty weather. We did have rain one day. Actual rain for one whole day. It was weird.

And my routine is pretty much the same also. Get up, read the news online, then work on my job search. I'm adjusting my search strategy since using the job boards hasn't really panned out. I've listened to a number of webinars and they advocate using a strategy that is more proactive so I'm busy now writing my personal brand and researching companies. Fun stuff. I do that stuff for about 4-5 hours or I try to stay up on environmental crap. Then I either watch old TV programs such as Law & Order or The Closer (driving my rents crazy!) or read or stitch. I posted my progress on "Sabrina" on Facebook.

I just finished Anthony Bourdain's "Medium Raw" which is basically a follow up to his "Kitchen Confidential". I love him as he is so real. Don't read him if you can't take foul language though.
I'm now reading "Angelology" by Danielle Trusson which is hard to describe and "Killing Time" by Caleb Carr. Yes, I read more than one book at once, always have. I devour books and there is no plan or reasoning behind how I pick them. Lately my mom (who reads like I do) and I just go to the library and pick up books at random.

I think I FINALLY got my COBRA stuff straightened out. What a mess. The company screwed up, didn't sent me the information in a timely fashion, sent out the wrong package with wrong information, told the wrong administrator not to process my application, finally sent me the correct package but the correct administrator couldn't for some reason get my payment. Finally did a phone payment and had to do a stop payment on the earlier (huge) check that was in the system for two weeks. Meanwhile, I was running out of prescriptions that I had 3 months worth of so I had originally thought I would be fine. Panic. And the benefits people didn't understand that I was uninsured thoroughout this whole thing since if anyone called such as a doctor's office that is the message they would get! Think about it, I left in November and it is March. The only good thing about this is the company knows they screwed up so they are being very helpful.

Okay back to the grind...well maybe not today as I do try to take one day off a week and I didn't this week so maybe today is the day...nay...I have a webinar in a couple of hours and want to research something ...its always something...

BUT, I'm going to the mall later this afternoon..

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